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Welcome to web designing page, here is a huge collection of HTML pages with source code. Here we also provide the solution of the lab assignment. Try to modify all the web pages yourself, this will help you to better understand the tags that are used in HTML. Basically, you can learn table creation, frameset and frame in HTML you can also learn about various types of tags like an image, audio, video, anchor, navigation, ordered list, unordered list, checkbox, and radio button.


Create an HTML file to link to different html page which contains images, tables
Student Registration Form in HTML with CSS
Create a given table in HTML
Create An HTML Page With Different Frames Such As Floating Frame Navigation Frame, Mixed Frame In HTML
Create an html page named as \" SimpleTags.html \". with following tags details
Create A HTML Page Of Different Type Of List (Like Ordered List or Unordered List)
Create a HTML Document Using Frame Which Should Satisfy All Given Requirements
Create an XHTML document that allows prospective students to provide feedback
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