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What are default arguments?
Which is correct condition for the default arguments?
If a member function have to be made both zero argument and parameterized constructor, which among the following can be the best option?
Which among the following function can be called without arguments?
If a function have all the default arguments but still some values are passed to the function then ______________
What function will be called with the independent syntax “test(5,6,7);”?
Which among the following is wrong call to the function void test(int x, int y=0, int z=0)?
Default arguments are _________________________
Which among the following is false for default arguments?
The non-template functions can be added with default arguments to already declared functions ____________________
The using declaration __________
The names given to the default arguments are only looked up and ________________. And are bound during declaration
The default argument get bound during declaration ________________
The virtual function overrides ____________
Which among the following is true for constructors overloading?
If a constructors should be capable of creating objects without argument and with arguments, which is a good alternative for this purpose?
The Constructors with all the default arguments are similar as default constructors. State true or false
Which among the following is true?
Which among the following can be used in place of default constructor?
Can a class have more than one function with all the default arguments?
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