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State true or false: SQL specifies a way of mentioning functional dependencies
State true or false: Most current database systems do not support constraints on materialized view
Multi valued dependencies are also called as __________
Functional dependencies are sometimes referred to as ________
The _______ is a set of all functional and multi values dependencies implied by a set of functional dependencies
State true or false: If a relational schema is in _______ NF and A is a subset of R and B is also a subset of R then it is that A is a superkey is a trivial multi values dependency
Which of the following normal forms does not exist
Choose the correct statement regarding superkeys
What is an Instance of a Database
What is a foreign key
What action does ⋈ operator perform in relational algebra
What does the “x” operator do in relational algebra
An attribute is a __________ in a relation
What is the method of specifying a primary key in a schema description?
Two Statements
Choose the option that correctly explains in words, the function of the following relational algebra expression
State true or false: If a relation consists of a foreign key, then it is called a referenced relation of the foreign key dependency
Which of the following is not a feature of a good relational design
The dependency rules specified by the database designer are known as _______
If the decomposition is unable to represent certain important facts about the relation, then such a decomposition is called as
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