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If the decomposition is able to represent all the facts about the relation then such a decomposition is called as
A domain whose elements are indivisible is called as ______
If all the domains are atomic then the relational schema is in ________ normal form
State true or false: Composite attributes have non-atomic domains
State true or false: Redundancy is desired in a relational schema
An instance of a relation that satisfies all real world constraints is known as
If K → R then K is said to be the _______ of R
X → Y holds on a schema k(K) if
X→ Y is trivial if
Which of the following is not a condition for X→ Y in Boyce codd normal form
Which of the following is used to express database consistency
Which of the following is not a condition for the third normal form in the case of X→Y
F+ is called as the ________ of F
State true or false: A functional dependency must first satisfy the second normal form to satisfy the third normal form
State true or false: The fourth normal form does not exist and it is instead called as the BCNF
A functional dependency f on R is _______ by a set of functional dependencies F on r if every instance of r(R) that satisfies f also satisfies F
If F is a set of functional dependencies, then the closure of F is denoted by
If a functional dependency is reflexive, B is a subset of A and A is the set of attributes, then
State true or false: Armstrong’s axioms allow us to generate all F+ for any given F
Armstrong axioms are called sound because
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