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Swift programming language is based on C and Objective-C programming languages, and it has the features of both programming languages. Swift is both kinds of programming language, a procedural language, and an object-oriented programming language.

Class is the concept of the object-oriented programming language which has properties and methods. The methods and properties are the fields of a class. Like other programming languages, a class is a user-defined data type or a blueprint that is used to create real-world type object containing both methods and properties. In Swift, a class is declared by using the class keyword.

This study list contains solved Swift classes & objects programs, practice these programs to learn the concept of classes and objects, these programs contain the solved code, outputs, and the detailed explanation of the statements, functions used in the Swift classes & objects programs.


Swift program to create a simple class
Swift program to create a class with the init() method
Swift program to demonstrate the \'self\' keyword within the class
Swift program to create a class with the user-defined methods
Swift program to create an array of objects
Swift program to pass an object as a parameter
Swift program to return an object from a method
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