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The log is a sequence of ___________, recording all the update activities in the database
In the ___________ scheme, a transaction that wants to update the database first creates a complete copy of the database
The ____________ scheme uses a page table containing pointers to all pages; the page table itself and all updated pages are copied to a new location
The current copy of the database is identified by a pointer, called _____________, which is stored on disk
If a transaction does not modify the database until it has committed, it is said to use the ___________ technique
If database modifications occur while the transaction is still active, the transaction is said to use the ___________technique
____________ using a log record sets the data item specified in the log record to the old value
In the __________ phase, the system replays updates of all transactions by scanning the log forward from the last checkpoint
The actions which are played in the order while recording it is called ______________ history
A special redo-only log record is written to the log, where V1 is the value being restored to data item Xj during the rollback. These log records are sometimes called
Which of the following is not a recovery technique?
Checkpoints are a part of
deals with soft errors, such as power failures
Rollback of transactions is normally used to :
A transaction performs on the isolation level of the Read Uncommitted if :
Which commands are used to control which users have which privilege over which objects ?
When a deadlock is detected the recovery is normally accomplished by :
Which is not a desirable property of a transaction ?
A directed graph which represents the deadlock is called :
Transaction Throughput is :
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