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This study list is mainly focused on the most repeatedly asked and the latest updated C++ interview questions that are appearing in most of the current C++ interviews.

C++ is a powerful and general-purpose programming language created by Bjarne Stroustrup as an extension of the C programming language. C++ is standardized by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and they revise and publish the new version from time to time.

Some real-world applications where C++ is widely used

  • CAD Software.
  • Game Development.
  • GUI-based applications.
  • Operating systems
  • Banking applications.
  • Advanced computations and graphics.
  • Embedded systems.
  • Database software.

If you are looking for “C++ interview questions” or  “advanced C++ interview questions, then you are at the right place. Here I have tried to create a collection of “C++ interview questions with answers” that might ask by your interviewer. These C++ interview questions are not only for fresher but also good for the experienced person.

We have categories these C++ Questions into three parts basicintermediate and advanced. I hope these free C++ interview questions with the answer will be helpful for your next job. If you want to add more questions related to  C++ programming and concept or want to give the answer to any mentioned C++ interview questions, then please write in the comment box. It is helpful to others.


When is the destructor called in c++?
Is it possible to overload the destructor of the class in c++?
Should I explicitly call a destructor on a local variable in c++?
How destructors are different from a normal member function in c++
What is the difference between constructor and destructor in c++?
What is “this” pointer in c++?
Where we should use this pointer in C++?
What is a “new” keyword in C++?
What is the difference between new and malloc in c++?
What is the difference between delete and free in c++?
What do you mean by call by value and call by reference in c++?
What is a namespace in c++?
How to use namespace in C++?
What is a member function in C++?
What are static members in C++?
What do you mean by inline function and How to implement the inline function in C++?
What is the use of the inline function in C++?
What is the advantage and disadvantage of the inline function?
What’s the difference between static, inline, and void with functions?
What is function overloading in C++?
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