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Are you looking for embedded C interview questions or tricky embedded C interview questions for your next job?

If yes, You’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we walk through some top embedded C questions that will help you to get a new job. The good news is that all these embedded C interview questions are free and you can also get them in PDF format.

So here I have tried to create a collection of embedded C interview questions which will be helpful for freshers and experienced both. I have also given some unsolved embedded C questions for you at the last of the article. I also want you must solve these questions.

So let’s see the most commonly asked interview questions in Embedded C for both freshers and experienced developers without wasting more time.


What is the difference between C and embedded C?
What is the volatile keyword?
What is the use of volatile keyword?
What is the difference between the const and volatile qualifiers in C?
Can a variable be both constant and volatile in C?
Can we have a volatile pointer?
The Proper place to use the volatile keyword?
What is ISR?
Can we pass any parameter and return a value from the ISR?
What is interrupt latency?
How do you measure interrupt latency?
How to reduce interrupt latency?
Is it safe to call printf() inside Interrupt Service Routine (ISR)?
Can we put a breakpoint inside ISR?
What is the difference between an uninitialized pointer and a null pointer?
What are the causes of Interrupt Latency?
Can we use any function inside ISR?
What is a nested interrupt?
What is NVIC in ARM Cortex?
Can we change the interrupt priority level of Cortex-M processor family?
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