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How many configuration directives pertinent to PHP’s mail function are available?
Which of the following statements is used to add an attachment to the mail?
Which one of the following is the very first task executed by a session enabled page?
How many ways can a session data be stored?
Which directive determines how the session information will be stored?
Which one of the following is the default PHP session name?
If session.use_cookie is set to 0, this results in use of
If the directive session.cookie_lifetime is set to 3600, the cookie will live until
Neglecting to set which of the following cookie will result in the cookie’s domain being set to the host name of the server which generated it
What is the default number of seconds that cached session pages are made available before the new pages are created?
What is the default time(in seconds) for which session data is considered valid?
Which one of the following function is used to start a session?
Which function is used to erase all session variables stored in the current session?
What will the function session_id() return is no parameter is passed?
Which one of the following statements should you use to set the session username to Nachi?
What will be the output of the following PHP code? Say your previous session username was nachi
An attacker somehow obtains an unsuspecting user’s SID and then using it to impersonate the user in order to gain potentially sensitive information. This attack is known as
Which parameter determines whether the old session file will also be deleted when the session ID is regenerated?
Which function effectively deletes all sessions that have expired?
Which function is used to transform PHP’s session-handler behavior into that defined by your custom handler?
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