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Memory management on a multiprocessor must deal with all of found on
In a multi-processor configuration two coprocessors are connected to host 8086 processor. The instruction sets of the two coprocessors
The feature of multimicroprocessor architecture is
The main objective in building the multimicroprocessor is
An interface between the user or an application program, and the system resources is
A multiprocessor operating system should perform
Zero address instruction format is used for
If no node having a copy of a cache block, this technique is known as
A processor that continuously tries to acquire the locks, spinning around a loop till it reaches its success, is known as
The straight-forward model used for the memory consistency, is called
One assigned operation for building synchronized operations, is called the
To update the cached copies of the data item; is the alternative protocol which is known as
If no node having a copy of a cache block, this technique is known as
When the home node being the local node, the copies may exist in a third node, called
A remote node is being the node which has a copy of a
Cases where variables gets updated without the order of the synchronization are called
Plotting performance versus number of processors, is refered to as
The alternative way of a snooping-based coherence protocol, is called a
All writing procedures for same location are seen having same order; the stated property is called
Private data that is used by a single-processor, then shared data are used by
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