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A bus connecting processor and memory, is known as
1000 disks having 1,200,000-hour MTTF and disks being used 24 hours a day, and failed disks are being replaced with a new ones, then no that will fail over five years (43,800 hours) is,
A unit on the bus that initiates bus requests is called
Request, which is used for indicating a read request for memory, is known as
Reads/writes requests to I/O devices, are called
The average time for reading/writing the 512-byte sector for the disk rotating at 10,000 RPM when its time is 6 ms, its transfer rate is 50 MB/sec, and its controller overhead is 0.2 ms
1GB of data is referred in bytes as
A bus which is designed for allowing processors, I/O devices and memory, is called a
When the disks rotate at 5400 RPM-15,000 RPM, then they have average rotational latency is between
The 32-bit, 33MHz PCI bus will have peak bandwidth of about
Spread of data in the multiple disks, is refered to as
The data transfer rate is given by the formula
Measuring the continuous service accomplishment and equivalently of the time to failure from a reference point is called
The higher availability cost is reduced to 1/N, where N is the
A scheme in which portions of the I/O address space are given to I/O devices, is called
To improve the availability of storage of disk, leveraging redundancy is captured in the
The hardware component replacing while the system is being run, is known as
For accessing data, the operating system must direct the disk using three-stage process called
The peak rate which transfer data between the I/O device and the main-memory, is known as
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