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Which one of the following is a requirement that fits in a developer’s module ?
“Consider a system where, a heat sensor detects an intrusion and alerts the security company.” What kind of a requirement the system is providing ?
Which of the following statements explains portability in non-functional requirements?
Choose the incorrect statement with respect to Non-Functional Requirement(NFR)
How many classification schemes have been developed for NFRs(Non-Functional Requirement) ?
According to components of FURPS+, which of the following does not belong to S ?
What are the four dimensions of Dependability ?
What is the first step of requirement elicitation ?
Starting from least to most important, choose the order of stakeholder
Arrange the tasks involved in requirements elicitation in an appropriate manner
What are the types of requirement in Quality Function Deployment(QFD) ?
What kind of approach was introduced for elicitation and modelling to give a functional view of the system ?
What are the kinds of actors used in OOSE ?
Why is Requirements Elicitation a difficult task ?
What requirement gathering method developed at IBM in 1970s is used for managing requirement elicitation ?
How many Scenarios are there in elicitation activities ?
Which of the following elicitation techniques is a view-point based method ?
___________ and ____________ are the two view points discussed in Controlled Requirements Expression (CORE)
What is the major drawback of CORE(Controlled Requirements Expression) ?
Choose a framework that corresponds to Issue Based Information System (IBIS)
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