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The principal factor to determine the spatial resolution of an image is _______
What causes the effect, imperceptible set of very fine ridge like structures in areas of smooth gray levels?
What is the name of the effect caused by the use of an insufficient number of gray levels in smooth areas of a digital image?
Using rough rule of thumb, and assuming powers of 2 for convenience, what image size are about the smallest images that can be expected to be reasonably free of objectionable sampling checkerboards and false contouring?
What does a shift up and right in the curves of isopreference curve simply means? Verify in terms of N (number of pixels) and k (L=2k, L is the gray level) values
How does the curves behave to the detail in the image in isopreference curve?
For an image with a large amount of detail, if the value of N (number of pixels) is fixed then what is the gray level dependency in the perceived quality of this type of image?
What is a band-limited function?
For a band-limited function, which Theorem says that “if the function is sampled at a rate equal to or greater than twice its highest frequency, the original function can be recovered from its samples”?
What is the name of the phenomenon that corrupts the sampled image, and how does it happen?
How aliasing does corrupts the sampled image?
How can one reduce the aliasing effect on an image?
In terms of Sampling and Quantization, Zooming and Shrinking may be viewed as ___________
The two steps: one is the creation of new pixel locations, and other is the assignment of gray levels to those new locations are involved in ____________
While Zooming, In order to perform gray-level assignment for any point in the overlay, we assign its gray level to the new pixel in the grid its closest pixel in the original image. What’s this method of gray-level assignment called?
A special case of nearest neighbor Interpolation that just duplicates the pixels the number of times to achieve the desired size, is known as ___________
Nearest neighbor Interpolation has an undesirable feature, that is _________
What does the bilinear Interpolation do for gray-level assignment?
Row-column deletion method of Image Shrinking is an equivalent process to which method of Zooming?
Image Shrinking has an undesirable feature, that is ____________
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