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If a single instance has failed to launch within 24 hours due to some issues during a set up of Auto-scaling. Then what will happen to the Auto-Scaling condition?
Name the architecture in which a user can own some private servers as well as they can distribute some of the workloads on the public cloud
Amazon S3 is which type of storage service?
Which AWS storage service assists S3 with transferring data?
What types of servers are used to send messages within Amazon SQS?
Object storage systems store files in a flat organization of containers called what?
What can be the option to reduce the load on Amazon EC2 instance when the content management system running on Amazon EC2 instance which is reaching total CPU utilization
Which service performs the function that when an instance is healthy it is terminated and replaced with a new one?
To deliver content through Amazon CloudFront, what a user should create?
Which storage browser can be used as an interface for Amazon CloudFront?
A virtual CloudFront user is called an OAI. This stands for what?
What are lifecycle hooks used for in AutoScaling?
Amazon CloudFront has edge locations in how many continents?
Amazon SQS can also be viewed as a class of _____________ data storage for many classes of applications
If some of the instances are running in the application tier and are using AutoScaling. Then how can the instance type be changed?
For on-demand media files, you can stream content using RTMP delivery. RTMP stands for what?
What type of server is used to speed the delivery of content using a variety of techniques for caching content closer to users?
Amazon CloudFront retrieves files twice as fast as what other well-known Amazon storage service?
What does RRS stand for when referring to the storage option in Amazon S3 that offers a lower level of durability at a lower storage cost?
Explain the necessity of bucket policy?
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