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Which of the following contains a complete record of all activity that affected the contents of a database during a certain period of time
In database management system, the executing process or executing program which considers the updating or reading of records stored in database is called
The application of database management system in air flight seat booking in a way that one seat is accessed by only one clerk for customer reservation is classified as
Collections of operations that form a single logical unit of work are called __________
The “all-or-none” property is commonly referred to as _________
Which of the following is a property of transactions
Execution of translation in isolation preserves the _________ of a database
Which of the following is not a property of a transaction
Which of the following systems is responsible for ensuring durability
Which of the following systems is responsible for ensuring isolation?
State true or false: Information residing in the volatile storage does not usually survive system crashes
A transaction that has not been completed successfully is called as _______
Which of the following is not a transaction state
The execution sequences in concurrency control are termed as ________
The scheme that controls the interaction between executing transactions is called as _____
I and J are _________ if they are operations by different transactions on the same data item, and at least one of them is a write operation
lIf a schedule S can be transformed into a schedule S’ by a series of swaps of non-conflicting instructions, then S and S’ are
A schedule is __________ if it is conflict equivalent to a serial schedule
The set of ________ in a precedence graph consists of all the transactions participating in the schedule
A ___________of the transactions can be obtained by finding a linear order consistent with the partial order of the precedence graph
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