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Disadvantages of File systems to store data is:
Which level of RAID refers to disk mirroring with block striping
Optical disk technology uses
With multiple disks, we can improve the transfer rate as well by ___________ data across multiple disks
Which one of the following is a Stripping technique
The RAID level which mirroring is done along with stripping is
Where performance and reliability are both important, RAID level ____ is used
Hardware RAID implementations permit _________ that is, faulty disks can be removed and replaced by new ones without turning power off
___________ is popular for applications such as storage of log files in a database system, since it offers the best write performance
______________ which increases the number of I/O operations needed to write a single logical block, pays a significant time penalty in terms of write performance
The storage structure which do not survive system crashes are ______
Storage devices like tertiary storage , magnetic disk comes under
For a transaction to be durable, its chaFor a transaction to be durable, its changes need to be written to ________ storage.nges need to be written to ________ storage
The unit of storage that can store one are more records in a hash file organization are
A ______ file system is software that enables multiple computers to share file storage while maintaining consistent space allocation and file content
A file produced by a spreadsheet
SDL means _____________
Which of the following is the process of selecting the data storage and data access characteristics of the database
The process of saving information onto secondary storage devices is referred to as
The file organization that provides very fast access to any arbitrary record of a file is
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