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Which of the following is correct regarding Aggregate functions?
Which of the following option is use to retrieval of data?
Establishing limits on allowable property values, and specifying a set of acceptable, predefined options that can be assigned to a property are examples of:
______ is a special type of integrity constraint that relates two relations & maintains consistency across the relations
Which of the following is a physical storage media ?
Which of the following creates a virtual relation for storing the query ?
Which of the following is the syntax for views where v is view name ?
Here the tuples are selected from the view.Which one denotes the view ?
Materialised views make sure that
Updating the value of the view
SQL view is said to be updatable (that is, inserts, updates or deletes can be applied on the view) if which of the following conditions are satisfied by the query defining the view?
Which of the following is used at the end of the view to reject the tuples which do not satisfy the condition in where clause ?
A relational database system needs to maintain data about the relations, such as the schema of the relations. This is called
Relational schema and other metadata about relations are stored in a structure called the ____________
___________ is the collection of memory structures and Oracle background processes that operates against an Oracle database
A ________ is a logical grouping of database objects, usually to facilitate security, performance, or the availability of database objects such as tables and indexes
A tablespace is further broken down into ________
__________ is a contiguous group of blocks allocated for use as part of a table, index, and so forth
________ is the smallest unit of allocation in an Oracle database
DML is provided for
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