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The SQL database language includes statements for:
A command to remove a relation from an SQL database
Which SQL Query is use to remove a table and all its data from the database?
A type of query that is placed within a WHERE or HAVING clause of another query is called
Aggregate functions are functions that take a ___________ as input and return a single value
Select __________ from instructor where dept name= ’Comp. Sci
All aggregate functions except _____ ignore null values in their input collection
A Boolean data type that can take values true, false, and________
Select count (____ ID)
The ____ connective tests for set membership, where the set is a collection of values produced by a select clause. The ____ connective tests for the absence of set membership
We can test for the nonexistence of tuples in a subquery by using the _____ construct
Dates must be specified in the format
An ________ on an attribute of a relation is a data structure that allows the database system to find those tuples in the relation that have a specified value for that attribute efficiently, without scanning through all the tuples of the relation
Which of the following is used to store movie and image files ?
The user defined data type can be created using
Values of one type can be converted to another domain using which of the following ?
Which of the following closely resembles Create view ?
In contemporary databases the top level of the hierarchy consists of ______, each of which can contain _____
Which of the following statements creates a new table temp instructor that has the same schema as instructor
The____condition allows a general predicate over the relations being joined
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