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One byte equals to how many bits ?
The numbers written to the power of 10 in the representation of decimal numbers are called as _____
If the decimal point is placed to the right of the first significant digit, then the number is called as ________
________ constitute the representation of the floating number
The sign followed by the string of digits is called as ______
In IEEE 32-bit representations, the mantissa of the fraction is said to occupy ______ bits
The normalized representation of 0.0010110 * 2 ^ 9 is
The 32 bit representation of the decimal number is called as ____
In 32 bit representation the scale factor as a range of ________
In double precision format the size of the mantissa is ______
The 2's compliment of binary number 010111.1100 is
What is the 1's complement of 0000 1111 0010 1101 number?
The number of binary bits required to represent a hexadecimal digit is
A binary adder is a logic circuit that can add _____ binary numbers at a time
A 2's-complement adder-subtracter can add or subtract binary numbers. Sign-magnitude numbers represent _____ decimal numbers, and 2's complements stand for _____ decimal numbers
The main advantage of hexadecimal numbers is the case of conversion from hexadecimal to _____ and vice versa
A logic circuit which is used to change a BCD number into an equivalent decimal number is
The digits used in a binary number system are _____ and _____
The 1's compliment of binary number 11010 is:
The excess-3 code of decimal 7 is represented by
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