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The field of computer graphics is a broad and diverse field that exists cross-section between computer science and design. It is interested in the entire process of creating computer-generated imagery, from creating digital three-dimensional models, to the process of texturing, rendering, and lighting those models, to the digital display of those renderings on a screen.

This process starts with simple object rendering techniques to transform mathematical representations of three-dimensional objects into a two-dimensional screen image, calculating projection transformations of vertices as well as occlusion and depth of objects.


The graphics can be
Computer graphics was first used by
Which environment has been one of the most accepted tool for computer graphics in business and graphics design studios
Graphics is one of the_________ major key element in design of multimedia application
Three dimensional graphics become popular in games designing , multimedia and animation during the late
Types of computer graphics are
Vector graphics is composed of
Raster graphics are composed of
Raster images are more commonly called
TIFF (tagged image file format )are used for
The ISO standard for computer Graphics is ?
Examples of Presentation Graphics is ?
The technique used to summarize the financial, statistical, mathematical,scientific and economic data is ?
Computer Graphics models are now commonly used for making ?
When several types of output devices are available in graphics installation, it is convenient to use ?
Which one of the following adapters does not support. All points addressable display?
The resolution offered by SVGA is?
Graphics programmes are those which create?
DVST stands for
Metafiles are __________ that contain both raster and vector data?
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