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Which option is used by the system administrator for displaying processes of a user?
The -a option when used with ps command lists processes of all users but doesn’t display the system processes
Which option is used with ps command to list system processes?
What will the output of the following command?
There are ___ distinct phases of a process
A system call is a programmatic way in which the program requests for the service from the kernel of an operating system
Which of the following system call is used for creating a new process?
When fork() is invoked, the child process created gets a new PID
What is the value returned by fork system call, when the creation of child process is unsuccessful?
Which system call is used to run a new program?
It is necessary to terminate the command line with &, even when we are using nohup command
Which of the following shell(s) allows the user to run jobs in the background even when the user has logged out (without using nohup command)?
When nohup command is used, shells returns the _____
nohup command doesn’t send the standard output of a command to any file
What is the PID of the process who takes the parentage of the process run with nohup command?
Which command is used to for executing jobs according to their priority?
It is better to use & with nice command
Which one of the following command is used for killing the last background job?
By default, kill uses the SIGTERM signal (15) to terminate the process
Which signal is used with kill command to terminate the process when they ignore the SIGTERM signal (15)?
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