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Vue JS is a continuous open-source framework for JavaScript used to improve interactive web communication. It is one of the most widely used frameworks for web development. Vue JS focuses on the viewing layer. It can be easily applied to major pre-development projects without problems.

Initial release:

February 2014

Stable release:

3.0.2 / October 20, 2020

Original author(s):

Evan You




MIT License

Written in:

JavaScript, TypeScript (Vue 3.0)

Aspirants can practice VUE.JS Quiz as a challenging test and also can go through the articles or videos to learn VUEJS in our article and videos section.


What is Vue.js?
What is Vue.js used for?
Which data binding interpolation is also known as “Mustache” syntax?
How to use for loop in Vue.js?
Once a View Model is lost, all the event listeners are automatically removed
How to create a Vue.js instance?
Which modifier is very useful for improving the performance of mobile devices?
Which event modifier is used for only prevent clicks on the element itself?
The updated hook is terminated after modifications have been written to the DOM
How to install vue resources?
How to install vue plugins?
Which is used to Dynamically bind one or more attributes, or a component property to an expression?
If we want to perform the click event only for one time.Which event modifier will be used?
How to represent filter in vue.js?
v-show doest not support the <template> element?
prevent will be ignored if we use .passive and .prevent together and it will probably show you a warning?
which keyword is used to create constant in vue.js?
How many types of directive available in vue.js?
What is the short form of v-bind?
The Following code represent the registered component.How we can call the custom component in my template
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