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MongoDB is in high demand nowadays for its simplicity in tums of a cross-platform document-oriented database program. Classified as a NoSQL database program, MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with optional schemas. MongoDB is developed by MongoDB Inc. and licensed under the Server-Side Public License (SSPL).

Developed by

MongoDB Inc.

Initial release

February 11, 2009

Public Repository

Written in (As per Wiki)

C++, Go, JavaScript, Python

Documents Available in



Document-oriented database


Here in this document, you’ll find some of the most important MongoDB MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) or FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for your next job interview practice.


Initial release of MongoDB?
Does mongodb support linux?
Does mongodb support A.C.I.D?
mongoDB supports
mongoDB support joins using....?
Which of the foliowing is wrong statement -
in how much time the MongDB writes are written to the journal?
MongoDB is a ..... type database?
Which statements is correct about mongoose in MongoDB ?
In which format MongoDB represents document structure?
Howmany byte counter in BSON is starting with a random value ?
A collection in MongoDB is a group of
which field is always the first field in the document.?
The application, that communicates with application MongoDB by way of a client library, is called _________________
Which index is used to index the content stored in arrays?
Consider that the posts collection contains an array called ratings which contains ratings given to the post by various users in the following format:
Which option should be used with findAndModify() command to return the modified document instead of the pre-modification document?
Which of the following collections are used by MongoDB to store GridFS data?
Which of the following methods can be used in MongoDB for relation documents?
Which is the correct order (lowest to highest) in which MongoDB compares the BSON types?
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