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Active Directory (AD) is Microsoft\'s restrictive index administration. It runs on Windows Server and permits overseers to oversee consents and admittance to arrange assets. Active Directory stores information as items. An article is a solitary component, for example, a client, gathering, application, or gadget, e.g., a printer.  


How many types of groups are available in Active Directory
There are group scopes in Active Directory?
Which of the following is not one of the four divisions or container structures in Active Directory?
Active Directory is a technology created by
The full form of ACL is Access Control List
Active Directory and a Windows-based file server are not required to implement ________ on client Windows computers
Which of the following MMC is used to transfer the domain naming master operations role?
Which of the following tab is used to enable or disable a printer for sharing as well as to specify the name of the share?
What command can you type to perform a system state backup?
Which command is used to display and modify the boot configuration data store?
Which of the following ports are used by Active Directory?
Major Components of Active Directory are
Export-VM command........... a virtual machine to disk
Active directory was introduced in
Active Directory uses
Microsoft Active Directory management tools includes
Active Directory Services consist of
The forest, tree, and domain are the logical divisions in an Active Directory network
Active Directory is fully integrated with DNS and requires TCP/IP—DNS
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