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In brute force attack, on average half of all possible keys must be tried to achieve success
If the sender and receiver use different keys, the system is referred to as conventional cipher system
Divide (HAPPY)26 by (SAD)26. We get quotient –
Dividing (11001001) by (100111) gives remainder –
pi in terms of base 26 is
The time required to convert a k-bit integer to its representation in the base 10 in terms of big-O notation is
In base 26, multiplication of YES by NO gives –
Division of (131B6C3) base 16 by (lA2F) base 16 yeilds –
An encryption scheme is unconditionally secure if the ciphertext generated does not contain enough information to determine uniquely the corresponding plaintext, no matter how much cipher text is available
The estimated computations required to crack a password of 6 characters from the 26 letter alphabet is-
Use Caesar’s Cipher to decipher the following: HQFUBSWHG WHAW
Caesar Cipher is an example of
Monoalphabetic ciphers are stronger than Polyalphabetic ciphers because frequency analysis is tougher on the former
Which are the most frequently found letters in the English language ?
Choose from among the following cipher systems, from best to the worst, with respect to ease of decryption using frequency analysis
On Encrypting “thepepsiisintherefrigerator” using Vignere Cipher System using the keyword “HUMOR” we get cipher text-
On Encrypting “cryptography” using Vignere Cipher System using the keyword “LUCKY” we get cipher text
The Index of Coincidence for English language is approximately
If all letters have the same chance of being chosen, the IC is approximately
Consider the cipher text message with relative frequencies:
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