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Welcome to web designing page, here is a huge collection HTML + javascript pages with source code. Here we also provide the solution of the lab assignment.Basically, you can learn table creation, frameset and frame in HTML you can also learn about various types of tags like an image, audio, video, anchor, navigation, ordered list, unordered list, checkbox, and radio button.
Javascript is a script, javascript is completely different from Java language, Java is a language while javascript is Script. Javascript is used to perform a special task like validation of registration form, finding an element of a page and perform some events in HTML or web design


Design A Page. The Page Must Be Useful For Colleges For Updating Daily Activities And Students Information
Build A Simple Calculator Using HTML Form Elements And JavaScript
Write A JavaScript That Calculates The Squares And Cubes Of The Numbers From 0 To 10 And Outputs XHTML Text That Displays The Resulting Values In An XHTML Table Format, As Follows: Number Square Cube
Write A Program That Inputs An Encrypted Four-Digit Integer And Decrypts It To Form The Original Number
Develop a JavaScript Program That Will Determine The Gross Pay For Each Of Three Employees. Remaining Question Is Given Below
Create An HTML Page Using Forms For Taking Pizza Order Form and Billing ( Online Pizza Order Webpage )
Create An Online Registration Form For Job Portal
Create A Hospital Web Page With All The Required Menu And Information And Registration And Login in Form
Calculates the Distance Between Two Points X1, Y1, and X2, Y2 in Javascript
Write A Complete JavaScript Program To Calculate And Display The Volume Of The Sphere
Create A HTML Page Insert A Image And Button In Page When A Click To A Button Image Should Shifted To Right Until Stop Button
Create A HTML Page With Rollover With A Mouse Events
Create Javascript Program to Make a Light Bulb Turn on and Off
Build HTML Video Player Support SD, HD, FHD, UHD Resolution
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