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Welcome to web designing page, here is a huge collection of HTML + CSS pages with source code. Here we also provide the solution of the lab assignment. Basically, you can learn table creation, frameset and frame in HTML you can also learn about various types of tags like an image, audio, video, anchor, navigation, ordered list, unordered list, checkbox, and radio button.

the full form of CSS is cascading style sheet and we use CSS in web pages for decorating web pages and CSS ( cascading style sheet ) is three types.

1. Inline

2. Internal

3. External

1. Inline CSS

inline CSS is mostly used when you have used less CSS on your web pages like you are designing a table or registration form so no need to write a CSS separate you can use CSS in HTML tags.


<[element or tag name] STYLE=\"[CSS property]:[property value]\">

2. Internal CSS

Internal CSS is used when you are designing a full web page and you are using a same property of CSS again and again so need to write the same CSS in each tag in HTML just write a code once and used the same CSS effects again and again.

3. External CSS

We can say that internal CSS or external CSS is same instead of writing CSS code on the same web page we create a new file with extension. CSS (dot.cs) and write all the CSS and link the CSS by given the link of CSS in our web page. So when HTML interpret our web page automatically fetch the request CSS from CSS file location and perform the desired action. Below are some example or web pages with CSS.


Design a web page using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which includes the following:
Create the XHTML markup that produces the table shown below. Use em and strong tags as necessary
Create a Box Model using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Styles as shown below
Add an Embedded Style Sheet to The XHTML Document in Fig. 4.5. The Style Sheet Should Contain A Rule That Displays h1 Elements in Blue. All Other Information Given Below
Design The Following Static Web Pages Required For An Online Book Store Web Site. Like Flipkart Using Frames In HTML
You Will Create Several Files Related To A Recipe Web Site For A Fictional Pie Company Named Granny\'s Pies. You Need To Turn In The Following Files:
Creating a Simple Calculator with Jquery with CSS
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