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R Programming MCQ Quiz (Multiple Choice Questions And Answers)

Introduction to R Software

First, we have to know more about R programming like what R is.

  •  R is an environment that helps in data manipulation, statistical computing, graphics display, and data analysis.
  •  Effective data handling and output storage are also possible using R.
  • In R, all types of calculations whether they are simple or complicated are possible.


The most convenient way to use R is at a graphics workstation running a ________ system
Point out the wrong statement?
Which of the following is default prompt for UNIX environment?
Which of the following will start the R program?
Point out the wrong statement?
Which of the following statement is alternative to _________?solve
Elementary commands in R consist of either _______ or assignments
If a command is not complete at the end of a line, R will give a different prompt, by default it is ____________
Command lines entered at the console are limited to about ________ bytes
_____ text editor provides more general support mechanisms via ESS for working interactively with R
What is output of getOption(“defaultPackages”) in R studio?
R language is a dialect of which of the following languages?
How many atomic vector types does R have?
What is the function to set row names for a data frame?
A single element of a character vector is referred as ________
R files has an extension ______
If the code is stored in the external file, which of the following function is used to call them to a working directory?
Advanced programmers can write ______ code to manipulate R objects
In ________ Insightful purchased the S language from Lucent for $2 million
Functionality of R is divided into a number of __________
total questions: 20





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