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List for Arduino MCQ\'s and Arduino in Details

Before starting the Arduino MCQ\'s Practice, we should understand Arduino first like, what is Arduino and how to use this.

What is Arduino?

Arduino is an electronics platform that is open source and based on easy-to-use hardware/software. Arduino provides a programmable board that can read input and gives output to the outer environment. Arduino boards can read inputs like temperature, humidity, infrared, and many more signals from sensors as an input and can provide an output based on input from them. These all functions are done through GPIO pins provided on the boards which differ from board to board. To efficiently control the Arduino boards Arduino has provided its own Arduino programming language and Arduino software (IDE).

As I have told you earlier that Arduino is an open-source product which is the reason behind being the brain of thousands of projects, from day-to-day used objects to complex scientific experiments.

Arduino was initially developed at the Ivrea Interaction Design Institute as a tool for fast prototyping for students with no background in electronics and programming. But after reaching a wider community The Arduino board started changing to adapt to new needs and challenges.

The term Arduino can be distributed into two parts:

  • Software(IDE)
  • Physical programmable board


How many types of arduinos do we have?
What is the microcontroller used in Arduino UNO?
What does p refer to in ATmega328p?
Arduino shields are also called as ________
What is the default bootloader of the Arduino UNO?
Does the level shifter converts the voltage levels between RS-232 and transistor-transistor logic
Which is the software or a programming language used for controlling of Arduino?
Do Arduino provides IDE Environment?
A program written with the IDE for Arduino is called _________
Arduino IDE consists of 2 functions. What are they?
How many digital pins are there on the UNO board?
________ board allows sewn into clothing
How many analog pins are used in Arduino Mega board?
Which board is first to use microcontroller within build USB?
___________ are pre built circuit boards that fit on top of Android
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