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C evolved from two previous languages, BCPL and B. BCPL was developed in 1967 by Martin Richards as a language for writing operating systems software and compilers. Ken Thompson modeled many features in his B language after their counterparts in BCPL and used B to create early versions of the UNIX operating system. The C language was evolved from B by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Laboratories. C uses many of the important concepts of BCPL and B while adding data typing and other powerful features. C initially became widely known as the development language of the UNIX operating system. C is available for most computers. C is mostly hardware independent.

The publication in 1978 of Kernighan and Ritchie’s book, “The C Programming Language”, enthralled to the language. In 1989, the C standard was approved; this standard was updated in 1999. C99 is a revised standard for the C programming language that refines and expands the capabilities of C, but it has not be universally adopted. It means Not all popular C compilers support C99.Here you will get C Programming Multiple Choice Questions And Answers for you next job or exam


Find out the Output int main() { unsigned int i=65000 while ( i++ != 0 ) printf("%d",i) return 0 }
Find out the Output #include int main() { int i; #if A printf("Enter any number:"); scanf("%d", &i); #elif B printf("The number is odd"); return 0; }
Spot The Error
Which of the data types has the size that is variable?
maximum value of unsigned interger when interger needs two bye of storage
Find out the error #include #include int main() { void display(char *s, int num1, int num2, ...); display("Hello", 4, 2, 12.5, 13.5, 14.5, 44.0); return 0; } void display(char *s, int num1, int num2, ...) { double c; char s; va_list ptr; va_start(ptr, s); c = va_arg(ptr, double); printf("%f", c); }
Tick the statement which is not supported by C
enum types are processed by
Guess the output int main() { int a = 5; int b = 10; { int a = 2; a++; b++; } printf("%d %d", a, b); return 0; }
Which of the following is not a data types
Can we pass a variable argument list to a function at run-time?
No of keywords in C
Guess the output void main() { char a = 'a'; int x = (a % 10)++; printf("%d\n", x); }
Assume the output #include int main() { int x = 10, *y, **z; y = &x; z = &y; printf("%d %d %d", *y, **z, *(*z)); return 0; }
Pick up the false statement
Which of the following symbol is used in variable name
Tick the type of linkages
Which Keyword is used to prevent any changes in the value of the variable
C variable cannot start with a
Find out the Output int main() { printf("\new_c_question\by"); printf("\rgeeksforgeeks"); getchar(); return 0; }
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