Draw ERD for Hospital information system


Draw ERD for the following databases with specific data type and constraints, the table name and its fields name are to be taken from database description which are given below :                                                                                          (5 marks)


• Hospital information system:                                                            

Patients - indoor/outdoor, medicines/lab tests(including results) prescribed to patients, information if a patient if referred to other expert/hospital. Doctors - specialization, patients attended etc. Different wards/beds and patients allotted to them etc. Patient registration form should include Registration number, Patient name, Address, Gender, Bed number, date of registration, refer doctor id etc. Doctor information should include Doctor code, Doctor Name, Specialization etc. Lab test information should include Test name, test number, test date, results and referred doctor’s code. Bed information should include bed number, ward number and status(whether allotted or not).

• ERD for the following database

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