ERD diagram for a MOVIES databse


Consider the ER schema for the MOVIES database in Figure 1.

Assume that MOVIES is a populated database.

ACTOR is used as a generic term and includes actresses.

Given the constraints shown in the ER schema, respond to the following statements with True, False, or Maybe.

Assign a response of Maybe to statements that, while not explicitly shown to be True, cannot be proven False based on the schema as shown.

  1. There are no actors in this database that have been in no movies.
  2. There are some actors who have acted in more than ten movies.
  3. A movie can have only a maximum of two lead actors.
  4. Every director has been an actor in some movie.
  5. No producer has ever been an actor.
  6. There are movies with more than a dozen actors.
  7. Most movies have one director and one producer.
  8. No movie has a director who also acted in that movie

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