dfd diagram for taxi booking system


A taxi booking company provides taxi ride services offered through phone call requests. The company needs to move to online services and develop a mobile app called Taxi-Go. The app will provide easy and convenient ways to book a taxi ride. However, the company decided to keep accepting phone requests.


You are requested as a system designer to design the following scenario that explains all the details you need to cover for the taxi booking system. (6 Marks)


A passenger can request a taxi ride using the company’s app or the phone. If the request is received by the phone, the operator needs to collect the passenger’s information, and enter the booking request into the system. If the request is done through the app, the passenger user should register with the app then provide the required ride information. Once the ride request is received in the system, the system checks the details of the ride and finds a matching taxi cab. Once the matching ride is selected by the system, the phone passenger gets notified by SMS text, and the app passenger gets notified by the app alerts. If the passenger agrees on the offered ride, she/he needs to accept the ride either by sending a confirmation SMS or responding to the pop-up offer in app. After the ride is finished, the passenger needs to submit the payment in three possible ways (manually by cash, or credit, or online through the app). The last step for passengers is to rate their ride. They need to respond to an SMS rate request or a pop-up rate requested by the app. The manager of the company expects a daily report generated by the system of all rides completed by midnight. For online registered users, the system finds loyal users and sends them electronic discount vouchers for future rides. For loyal phone users, the company mails them discount vouchers and extra gift cards when they use the app.


Draw Data Flow Diagram DFD and System Flowchart for the taxi booking company (Hint: use the figures found in the next page as references).


    - The DFD diagram should include an automation system boundary.

    - The system flowchart should show main tasks including the manual ones.

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please find the dfd diagrams attached,


dfd for app passengers:

dfd for phone passengers:

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