Web Engineering SE371 Project


Web Engineering

Ms.Ishrat Khan

SE371 Project Specification:

Phase I:
(2 points)

As a part of SE371 course project you are required to create full-stack web-based system. Idea of project is the key element to show your creativity, there will be marking on the uniqueness of the idea. The content of your site must be original which means that you must write it. In other word, you cannot use content from other websites, books, articles, and so on. Material copied from other websites is plagiarism.

Your website should be fully planned before you begin creating it. You plan may include:

Communication Plan:

to have an idea of what you want to build, you need to identify goals for your site along with objectives on how to achieve these goals keeping in mind your intended audience. You may want to address the following steps for this plan:

  • Goal: identify goals that you want to achieve for your site
  • Objectives: how are you going to achieve your goals
  • Target Audience: who is going to be the target audience that you are trying to reach?
  • Timelines: list the timeline for your site design, building and evaluation period.
  • Evaluation plan: list the factors that you will use to judge the success of your site & explain how you will evaluate those factors.

Site map: create a sitemap of your site that maps your content onto an exact file structure. The site map should describe the architecture of your website.

Wire frame: create wire frames of how you think the main sections of the site will
be laid out.

Content organization and Design/navigational elements: Decide about which content your site will have and arrange it in a reasonable architecture (blueprint).You can consider the overall tone, color, and layout of your site.

Website Name: Give your website a professional and unique name.


Phase II: (15 points)

Most websites tend to focus on either the front-end (the dynamic, interactive portion of a website that everyone is familiar with) or the back-end (the data-driven server-side of an application that powers site functionality from behind the scenes). Your website must focus on both front and back ends by using followings:

  • Database (having at least 4 collections properly linked. (2 points).
  • Apply almost all the features of frontend website learned using HTML5, CSS (as studied throughout the course from basics to advance) and apply CSS Library/Framework to make website as a responsive website as studied throughout the semester. (3 points).
  • Apply almost all features of frontend scripting and its Libraries and Javascirpt as
    studied in the course. (4 points).
  • Backend (the data-driven server-side of an application that powers site functionality from behind the scenes) with login/logout features to access the website by admin and users. Data-driven server-side includes the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations. (6 points)


Phase III: It is continuation of Phase-I (3 points)

  • Update the Report you started in first Phase-I of the project to includes all the details of Phase II, make sure to explain what features are used on each page of website. Also publish the website on free or paid domain and includes complete process of publishing in your report. (2 points)
  • Prepare a complete one video of your project to provide over all demo. Submit project source code, video, soft copy of report to your course instructor. (1 point)

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