RSA Encryption and Signature Lab project


We are using the Crypto SEED projects labs 1.0, Please refer to the website: SEED Project (seedsecuritylabs.org) 

Registration for groups and topic selection can be found in the link (You can only form a group of 4-5 members):/

Projects are:

TLS Lab: TLS Lab (seedsecuritylabs.org) 

PKI Lab: PKI Lab (seedsecuritylabs.org) 

RSA Encryption and Signature Lab: RSA Encryption and Signature Lab (seedsecuritylabs.org) 

MD5 Collision Attack Lab: MD5 Collision Attack Lab (seedsecuritylabs.org) 

Hash Length Extension Attack Lab: Hash Length Extension Attack Lab (seedsecuritylabs.org) 

Crypto Lab -- Secret-Key Encryption: Crypto Lab -- Secret-Key Encryption (seedsecuritylabs.org) 

The author of the labs has helpful lectures on Youtube. Find them!

Please note that you can find the labs' solutions online along with video lectures. Just cite your references. The objective is to get your hands dirty and understand one attack very well.



Use the Word template, and upload it in .pdf format. Check the quality of images.

Well-organize and format your report.

Screenshot evey single step and every single change. Insert captions to the images.

Cite your references properly.

Include a clear threat model.

highlight the countermeasures if the lab doesn't include practicing countermeasures.

Answer all qauestions in the lab description.


All group members should present.

All presentations will be recorded.

You must used the .ppt template.

Video recorded Demo of all tasks

Evaluation Criteria:

Submission on time.

All deliverables are submitted.

Well-organization and format, and good quality images.

Clear and easy to follow written steps.

Screenshots are included in each step.

Finishing the tasks.

All group members participated in both doing the lab and presentation

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